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Last year when I fell in love with doTERRA I knew I wanted to share it and make a business with doTERRA. I signed up as a Wellness Advocate (rather than just becoming a wholesale customer because I knew I wanted a business). Over the course of the last year I have gotten to know the products as well as the business side. And let me tell you...its exciting! So how do you make money? I'll tell you.

1. The easiest way for me to get started was making money from retail sales. I would have people that wanted to order so I would add those products to my LRP Order (loyalty rewards program...this is my order that I place every month before the 15th of the month and I can change what I get every month or get the same products). These products would build my PV (personal volume) points and make me eligible for free products and earning points to use on products in the future. I also did a few vendor fairs and craft shows where I would have some product available for sale.

2. The second easiest way to make money as a beginner is to encourage people to shop using your online store. Ours is So anyone who orders through that site automatically triggers a sale under my account and I get a commission. I literally just share my love for these oils and I get paid.

3. Fast Start Bonus. This one took me a little to fully understand, but once grasped it I enjoyed the checks coming my way:) The super diluted and easy explanation of the fast start bonus is...when you sign up someone a Wellness Advocate (someone who is intending on this being a business) you get 20% commission for their purchases in their first 60 days! The BIG catch is that you have to have a $100 LRP order in your cart (you can change it later, but you need to have it in your cart when the bonus is processed).

4. The Power of 3 Bonus. When you enroll three Wellness Advocates, and each one has a minimum $100 LRP order and your total orders for the month are $600 you get an extra $50. That is above and beyond the commissions. When your three Wellness Advocates enroll three more Wellness Advocates and follow the same $100 individual LRP and $600 monthly total order, you get an extra $250 bonus. So now you have your 3 direct Wellness Advocates and they each have 3 direct Wellness advocates. So if we repeat that one more time and you get $1500 bonus!!!!! The more people you enroll as Wellness Advocates and the more people they enroll, the more bonuses you get and higher ranks you get.

$50: You must have three personally sponsored Wellness Advocates with 100 PV Loyalty Rewards orders and a total of 600 Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your personal order, the orders of your frontline, retail orders, and Preferred Member orders.)

$250: Your three frontline team members must each earn their $50 power of 3 bonus. They need to have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates with a minimum of 600 Team Volume. (See example image above.)

$1500: Your three frontline must earn their $250, which means you are helping them teach their 3 qualifying people to earn their own $50. Your nine second-level qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates enrolled with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

5. This one isn't technically making money, but it is a perk. doTERRA has, hands down, the BEST monthly give aways and promotions. When you place your order each item has a PV (product value) amount attached to it. The higher the PV the more you earn in free stuff! Some of the things I have earned are are emotional blends, a bottle of Frankincense, care diffuser, bottles of common oils like Lemon, Wild Orange, and Peppermint. You also earn points that you can cash in for products. For example, I have 130 Points and I have three friends with baby showers. Boom, I use my points to get 3 baby kits and everyone is happy.

There is limitless potential with doTERRA and I am so excited to be a part of it! If you are interested in learning more, or if you are ready to join my team let me know! I'd love to answer any questions:)

Check out my doTERRA site or email me with questions

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