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When I first found doTERRA I was a little confused at how to order, let alone how to sign up as a wholesale customer or a Wellness Advocate. Thankfully my doTERRA Wellness Advocate was super helpful and walked me through! But just in case it is confusing to you, here is a step by step tutorial


Step 1: Go to and go to "Shop" at the top right of the page.

Step 2: Start shopping:) You can browse around and see all the amazing products. Be sure to check out the Company and the Advocate areas to get the latest scientific research and education on how to use the oils. The month's specials will be in a banner on the front page. You can check your shopping cart with ease as well.

Step 3: When you're ready to check out, go to your shopping cart. It will bring up an option for you to login and create an account. You also have the option to join as a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Member to save 25%. Joining is similar to joining Costo or Sam's Club. You pay a fee up front and then get a membership for an entire year that gives you the wholesale price which is 25% off the retail price.

Step 4: You should be ready to check out! If you are purchasing with a Wholesale Account or as a Wellness Advocate you'll notice PV (point values) for your products. These add up for free products!!


Step 1: From the home page Click on Become a Member or from your shopping cart click Become a Wholesale Member

Step 2: Decide if you want to be a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate. If you know you want to turn doTERRA into a business you'll want to choose Wellness Advocate. If you are pretty sure you just want to get the discount on products you can choose Wholesale Customer. The great thing about doTERRA is their customer service. If you need to change your member type you can just give them a call!

Once you decide which membership type you want you'll be asked what country and what language you will be using. Then you just go through the form. If it doesn't automatically populate the "sponsor" information you can manually enter my # 4987318

Step 3: Choose a kit. You are not required to purchase a kit if you do not want a kit. You can just pay the $35 fee if you choose. Sometimes people who have been purchasing retail for some time just want the membership. Its perfectly OK to do that! If you do a kit, you start earning PV (points) right away!

My three favorite kits are the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit with the Lotus Diffuser, the Home Essentials Kit with the Petal Diffuser and the Family Essentials Kit.

Step 4: You will have a chance to order more to your order or you can move through and check out! I usually choose the cheapest shipping and have never had any problems. My items come well packed and I get them within a week. And, like I said before, doTERRA customer service is amazing!

I hope this helps and you can get started on your doTERRA journey! Please contact me with any questions through my "contact me" button on my doTERRA page or by email at

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