Catching Wild Bees

We are always up for learning new things on the farm. So when a friend if G's asked if he could bring a hive out to the property we said YES!!!!! The bees have been happily living in their hive while creating honeycomb. Its really cool to watch and learn.

Today while G was out mowing on the tractor with the brush hog he happened to look up before going under a tree and noticed a big hive of bees a little higher than his head.

This is a giant blob of bees! There is, presumably, a queen on the branch and then all the other ones are on her and each other. That's a lot a bees!!!

We called our friend who came over and they decided on a plan of putting a bag around the hive and shaking the branch so the bees fall in the bag. After the bees are in the bag the plan was to move the bees to a new hive box. Ready. Set. Go!!!!

We started with all the supplies...empty hive with frames, smoke, face hoods, gloves, bag for collecting bees, fork lift, and lemon eucalyptus for the new hive. The forklift came in particularly handy. handy. The boys suited up in hoods and gloves and Paul was lifted up to the hive via the platform on the forks of the forklift. Paul wrapped the bag around the hive and gave a couple shakes and the bees fell in the bag. Paul had put a few drops of lemon eucalyptus oil for the bees in the new hive and the bees went right in.

We will check on the bees tomorrow and every few days to make sure they are setting up shop in the new hive.

#bees #wildhive #sustainable #honey

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