Mango Glazed Drumsticks

Summer is almost over so its time to squeeze in some grilling before the grill is covered with snow. When we break down our chickens we save our drumsticks in the freezer to use for fried chicken and for these sweet and spicy drumsticks. Lip smackin' good.


4 servings

  • [endif]-- 4 leg quarters or 8 drumsticks

  • [endif]--![endif]--[endif]--[endif]--1 mango, seeded, peeled and cubed (we get it pre seeded and peeled then we just need to cube it)![endif]--![endif]--

  • [endif]--[endif]--![endif]--![endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]-- ¾ t salt![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--

  • [endif]--[endif]--[endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]-- 1 T honey![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--

  • [endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--Juice of ½ a lime![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--

  • [endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]--[endif]-- ¼ cup Sriracha![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--![endif]--


  1. Grease grill rack and prepare grill for medium heat

  2. Puree mango, sriracha, lime, honey, and ¼ t of salt. Transfer to a small pan and bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer 5 min (or until slightly thickened)

  3. Sprinkle remaining salt on the drum sticks and place the drumsticks on the grill. Cover and cook 20 minutes turning once or twice. Uncover the grill and apply glaze to the chicken and turn. Repeat this a few times for the next 10 minutes or until the chicken reaches 165 degrees.

  4. Serve with your favorite sides.

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