All Purpose Cleaning Spray

We are constantly needing to clean something in our house. With kids, dogs, and farm animals there is always a need for a cleaning spray. We use this spray OFTEN quick wipe downs. We have old laminate countertops so this cleaner works great for us. If you have granite or marble this may not be the cleaner for you as it contains vinegar. One of the great things about this cleaner is that you can customize it and its really versatile. Here is the blend we use most often. You can always switch out plain vinegar and a different essential oil. A close second in our house if regular vinegar and On Guard in place of the lemon.


1/2 oz Castile Soap (we made our own but you can buy it here. Ours is usually a clear amber color, but I accidentally shook it up before I took our picture)

14 oz distilled water (this is important because of the possible bacteria that can get into your water)

1 oz Lemon Infused Vinegar

15 drops lemon essential oil

16 oz spray bottle


1. Pour Castille Soap into the spray bottle

2. Gently pour water in with the soap and swirl around a little to mix it up. You don't want to make suds, just get it mixed. Let it sit for a second.

3. Add the vinegar. It is SUPER important to not add the vinegar directly to the soap or it will turn into a curdled mess as the vinegar and the soap react.

4. Add essential oils. Gently shake and use.

You'll want to test this on a small area to make sure it is safe for your surface.

#onguard #lemonoil #cleaningspray

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