In October 2016 our daughter brought Hugo Murphy to the farm. All 5 lbs of him captured our hearts and he instantly became a full fledged part of the farm team. Hugo became best friends with our Great Pyrenees, Edgar, who is just a few months younger than him. There was always something special about Hugo.

Hugo started training to be a therapy dog. Given that my day job is a mental health therapist, I get to see first hand how therapeutic animals can be. In addition to obedience classes he needed to be well socialized. That challenge was accepted. Hugo has done more cool things in 1 year than lots of people do in a lifetime, including 11 days at puppy hospital.

August 19, 2017 Hugo darted behind our pickup and was run over by the back tire. By the grace of God our son and his friend saw it and immediately got help. He's such a little guy and the truck is so big that my husband didn't even know he hit him. We scooped him up and immediately started driving to Iowa State University Vet Med while my husband called them to give the update. They were ready for us. By the time we got there Hugo was in shock and was so unstable they couldn't assess his injuries. His heart rate was all over the place, his lungs were crackly, and he showed signs of brain damage. We questioned if his injuries were going to allow him to live a full life if he survived.

One step at a time. We waited for each update through that night. They were giving him fluids along with heavy pain killers...like fentanyl and methadone pain killers. He made it through the night and stabilized by Sunday afternoon. We were able to visit him and he immediately knew who we were!!! They were finally able to do full x-rays and diagnostics and found that he has some pretty significant damage to his pelvis, but nothing else. NOTHING ELSE! He got run over by a full sized truck and had no internal injuries!

He went through 7 hours of surgery and stayed in puppy rehab for 9 days. Now he's home and doing his physical therapy here. He's still got a ways to go, but he's walking well and everything else is back to normal. Of course he is frustrated that he has to wear the cone and can't play with his puppy friends, but he's doing great! He is a miracle dog. We really believe he is destined to be an amazing therapy dog and will touch the lives of many!

Obviously with a miracle dog comes a ginormous vet bill, which was more than earned. The vets, students, and staff at ISU Vet Med were/are amazing! They took such great care of our little Hugo Murphy.

9/2/17 Update: Hugo is still home and doing great! He has figured out that his treats are not what they seem and has taken to spitting out the meds. He is also on cone quarantine but has been convincing everyone that he doesn't need it. In accordance of Murphy's law (get it, Hugo Murphy lol) he was in his travel kennel with ME so I could watch him at work. His cone didn't fit in the travel kennel so he was unconed for our 45 min trip. In that time he chewed out every. last. staple and stitch. So another ISU Vet trip, sedation, and 15 staples later he was back home and again in cone jail. We have been relying on grandparents to puppy sit during the day.

9/8/17 Update: Hugo went to the vet for a regular check! He is doing great and done with all his meds. He got all his staples out and he is off cone restriction. He still gets puppy physical therapy twice a day. We massage his back legs and then manipulate them to make sure he is maintaining range of motion in his legs. While he loves the massage, he is not a fan of the manipulation. Little man is walking well and thinks he should be able to run, jump, and play. But he is still on activity restriction. He lets us know that he thinks this is absurd and unfair. We are so happy that he is home and doing well. He'll be helping herd the cows in no time.

For the rest of the Farmer's Market season we are selling dog treats and stickers to help offset this expense. Every sticker and treat sold is a direct representation of someone who helped save Hugo.

#isavedhugo #Hugo #Dogs

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