The Puppy Station..its all about the treats

We love dogs. Its not a secret. When we see a dog we become ooey gooey messes. We just love them so much. Which is why have a puppy station at our farmer's market stand. Its nothing elaborate, just a water bowl, puppy treat samples and puppy treats available for purchase. The secret is the treats.

We have three types of treats this year, PB&B, Apple Crisp, and Chicken 'n Biscuit. The cool thing about our treats is that we use as many farm produced ingredients as possible. The downside to the minimal ingredients is the short shelf life. The treats will last about a day unrefrigerated, 3 days refrigerated, or 6 months in the freezer.


Peanut Butter, Bananas, and Oats

Apple Crisp Oats, applesauce, eggs

The apples to make the applesauce and the eggs are produced on the farm

Chicken 'n Biscuit

Rice, chicken, flour, oats, eggs, carrots

The chicken, eggs, and carrots are produced on the farm. We use the chicken livers and hearts that don't get used in our regular meat rotation.

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