Meat Birds

This is our second year of raising "meat birds" on the farm. Meat birds are chickens that are raised for meat. We chose to raise Cornish Cross because they are similar to what is found in the grocery store. So why buy your chicken from a local farmer? Here are a few reasons.

1. We raise our chickens outdoors in "Chicken Tractors." Think of them as movable kennels with open access to the ground. These keep the chickens safe from predators (everything wants to eat chickens) while allowing them to bask in the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air, and peck at the ground for bugs...just like nature intended. Our chicken tractors allow plenty of space for the birds to move around and do chicken things. We move the tractors every day so the chickens always have fresh grass. We use rotational grazing which means we graze our cows then our chickens follow behind so they get the bugs that have been following the cows.

2. We feed our birds 100% certified organic feed. The feed is specially formulated for each stage of the chicken's growth. We don't give them any hormones, antibiotics, or other medications. They only get feed, water, and fresh bugs:)

3. We take our birds to a State Inspected processor and stay with there until the process is complete. Our birds are handled by the local hatchery, us, and the processor.

When you purchase meat from your local farmer you know what you are getting. You can ask questions about how the birds were raised and you can feel confident that the process fits what you are looking for. So if you want tasty chickens that were raised outside on organic feed, we got you covered!

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