We Bought The Farm…Really

This is the story of how we bought our farm.

2014 G's uncle put his home, that happens to sit on 7 acres, on the market. We dreamed and dreamed about it and made it known that we were dreaming. It was hard to cover it up. We were actively daydreaming every time we were out there...and even when we weren't. I remember being out there one time and praying "Dear God, if this is meant to be, I know you will make it happen."

Early in 2015 we talked, prayed, and decided that we would talk to the bank. If this was meant to be, it would be. Guess what? We got pre-approved! Exciting? Sure. Scary as heck? YES! We were suddenly talking about issues we had no experience with. Uses for a Kubota tractor and a fork lift. Well maintenance. How often to have the LP tank filled. What appliances run off the LP. Tile lines. I didn't even know what tile lines were. Considerations of living on a gravel road and the benefits of negotiating the snow plow blade truck.

We worked non-stop through winter and spring of 2015 and got our house ready to sell. Apparently we ROCK at staging (and the market was sizzling) but our house sold for just under our asking price in 4 hours! But it wasn't as easy as "SOLD" and done. It seemed like there were roadblocks at every turn.

In reality they weren't really roadblocks, they were just part of the process. Like getting a request from the mortgage company every few days for more information. Bank statement? Check. Last pay stub? Check. Copies of our personal tax return? Check. Copies of my agency's tax return? Wait, what? Why do I need that? I guess. Check. It seemed like I gave them everything a blood sample.

In June 2015 we bought the farm...really. We wasted no time getting into the groove. By the 4th of July we got started with 3 chickens. Some day we'll have our goal of 12 layers, 2 pigs, a mama jersey and her calf, and 50 meat birds!

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