How to Make Coffee-A Necessary Skill

Everyone should know how to brew a pot of coffee…even if you don’t drink it. Kind of like knowing how to swim or drive a stick shift car.

Most coffee pots are 12 cups (if someone has a small one, only use half the coffee)

Step one, fill up the coffee pot with cool water (if the pot is hot swish some cool water in it and dump it out so it can cool down and won’t break) and pour it in the water reservoir (usually on the top of the machine, towards the back or over to the side).

Open the filter basket (usually in the front and it swings out). If there is a used filter in there remove it (it will probably have grounds in it) and throw it away.

Put a new filter in and put 2/3ish cups of coffee grounds in. A lot of scoops are 1/3 cup so use 2 rounded scoops. Close the filter door, make sure the pot is back under the machine and turn it on.

If the coffee sounds like its brewing but nothing is coming out, make sure the pot is securely in place. Some pots have a convenience feature that keeps it from brewing into the pot if the pot is not in place. This is so you can get a cup of coffee mid brew.

Voila! You have made a delicious, steaming hot, cup of coffee. Its like gold!

#coffee #beverages

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