Tallow Balm

Have you ever used tallow? Do you know what tallow is? Lemme tell you. Its amazing. Tallow is the fat from beef. It used to be used in all kinds of things, including deep frying.

Today, tallow is virtually unknown. We asked at the meat counter at the supermarket and found we have to specificallly ask them them save it for us, otherwise it gets discarded. When we get our amazing tallow it doesn't look very appetizing, but we dig in to start redering the tallow.

After we render our tallow its ready to use in body balms, soaps, lipbalms, and cooking. One of our favorite uses for tallow is making body balm. It is luxurious and seems to soak in better than coconut oil. Here's how its done.


1 cup rendered tallow

1/4 cup liquid oil (olive oil, liquid coconut oil, etc.)

10-30 ish drops of essential oils*

1 t. vitamin E (not only is this good for your skin, it helps preserve the balm).


1. Melt rendered tallow in a double boiler (if you don't have one, you can put it in a mason jar or heavy duty glass measuring cup and place it in an inch or so of boiling water in a pan).

2. When the tallow is melted, turn off the heat and add the liquid oil. Mix it up a little. When it cools a bit add the essential oils and vitamin E. I like to use a chopstick to mix it all up.

3. Put the mix in the refrigerator until it is solid.

4. When it's solid, take it out and whip it in a stand mixer or with an electric mixture.

5. It will look like frosting. I store mine in small mason jars and leave them in the bathroom. We go through them rather quickly.

If you find that your balm is too hard, remelt it and add more liquid oil. If it is too soft, you can remelt it and add some more tallow or a butter or oil that is solid at room temperature. These would be things like coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, or cocoa butter.

*Essential oils are great for the skin and they can also add a unique scent to your balm. Good oils for the skin include lavender, geranium, frankincense, and patchoulli.

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