I've always been a fan of food. Its a good thing, because its kind of necessary. Unfortunately I wasn't always a fan of cooking. I remember enjoying it when I was in middle school, but most other memories of cooking involved complaining about how much time it took (especially baking) and not feeling like there was enough energy. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I thought I would make a nice dinner. One small catch, I didn't know how to cook very much. What I did know how to cook was always realy good, so I decided to make something up. What I ended up with was boiled porkchops and onions. It was awful. I moved on to boxed meals or stuck with what I knew. When I got married to G we both started putting together menus and creating a data base of recipes. 12 years later I religiously do a menu every two weeks and have a giant 3 ring binder full of recipes. This has helped us to be organized and focus on the quality of what we are eating. Here are some of our favorite recipes. They have been tried and revised for your pleasure. In our home things local and organic foods are our important to us. I've made all of these with local/organic ingredients, but they are not necessary. 

Happy Cooking!