About Us


Welcome to Uncle G's Farm! My husband and I both grew up in the city and neither of us ever imagined we would live on a farm. A few years ago my husband started volunteering for a group helping set up medical tents in emergency situations. He became interested in emergency preparedness and being more self sufficient. At that same time I became more interested in having more control over what goes into my food and what chemicals are in my home. We found that both of our interests were intersecting more and more and we started focusing on more sustainable and homemade things.


I started with food preservation and my husband started with emergency kits and learning how to reload ammunition. Our kids found passions as well. Our youngest has found that he is really good with chickens and our daughter is obsessed with compost.  Somehow we all ended up with the same goal...being more self sufficient while cultivating what we have and sharing what we are learning with others.

Join us as we continue to learn more about livestock, gardening, food preservation, cooking, reloading, natural beauty and cleaning. 


Family picture around the campfire